Cheyenne Neighborhood Transportation Study

Planning Phase

The goal of this project is the add value to the 2C repaving effort that is scheduled for Cheyenne Blvd and Cheyenne Rd. Other transportation funding sources are able to implement improvements ahead of the repaving work so that everything fits together like one big project.

We are primarily focusing on safety improvements for bikes, peds, and vehicles. This is a maintenance project, so we are limited in the level of change that is possible, but we want to do our best to improve the safety of these two streets withing those constraints.

Public Input Opportunities

Public Meeting 1: Aug 16th (to collect input)

The City of Colorado Springs is evaluating possible transportation improvements to Cheyenne Boulevard and Cheyenne Road ahead of 2C-funded road paving planned for 2024.

Public meeting will be open house style. There will be a brief public presentation to discuss this effort’s goals, constraints, and aspirations

We are soliciting feedback on what type of improvements the neighborhood would like to see incorporated with the project.

  • Date: Tuesday Aug 16th
  • Time: ​5 to 7 p.m.,
  • Location: Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School.


Public Meeting 2: Winter 2023 (to share concepts to be implemented)


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