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24-08March 2024Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments, and Electric and Gas Capacity Charges
24-07March 20242023 Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Review
24-06March 2024Utilities Board Instruction 4, Risk Management
24-04February 2024Sustainable Energy Plan Monitoring
24-03January 2024Invoice Pricing Controls Review
24-01January 2024Gas Cost Adjustment
23-19December 2023Annual Follow-Up
23-22November 2023Information Technology Account Management
23-18October 20232024 Electric and Gas Rate Case
23-17August 2023Southern Delivery System (SDS) Partner Billing – 2022
23-16August 2023Fleet Management and Maintenance Services Procurement
23-15July 2023Customer Technology Modernization Implementation
23-13July 2023Gas Cost Adjustment, Electric Capacity Charge, and Gas Capacity Charge
23-12May 2023Enterprise Balanced Scorecard
23-10April 2023I-2, Financial Conditions and I-8, Asset Protection
23-08March 2023Sustainable Energy Plan Monitoring - 2022
23-06March 2023Instruction I4
23-05March 2023Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
23-03Feb 2023Resource Management System User Access
23-01January 2023Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation
22-24November 2022Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
22-23October 2022Colorado Springs Utilities 2023 Rate Case
22-22October 20222022 Annual Follow-Up
22-21Sept 2022Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
22-17August 2022Colorado Springs Utilities Reliability Program
22-14June 2022Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
22-12May 202222-12 Board Instructions 2 Financial Conditions and 8 Asset Protection
22-11May 2022Colorado Springs Utilities Gas Cost Adjustment
22-10April 2022Sustainable Energy Plan Monitoring
22-09April 2022Southern Delivery System Partner Billing – 2021
22-06March 2022Utilities Board Instruction 4, Risk Management
22-05Jan. 2022Colorado Spring Utilities Procurement Card Program
22-04Jan. 2022Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
22-01Jan. 2022Review of Colorado Springs Utilities February 2021 Natural Gas Price Event
21-24Dec. 2021Customer Technology Modernization Program
21-23Nov. 2021City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities Liability Claims and Workers’ Compensation Reserve Funds Audit
21-22Nov. 2021Procurement System Implementation
21-21Nov. 2021Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
21-20Nov. 20212022 Rate Case
21-19Sept. 2021Annual Follow-up
21-17Aug. 2021Southern Delivery System Partner Billing 
21-16Aug. 2021 Qualifying Stormwater Expenses
21-12May 2021Utilities Board Instructions I-2 Financial Conditions & I-8 Asset Protection
21-11Mar. 2021Utilities ECA effective 04-01-21
21-08Mar. 2021Monitor Board Instruction 4 Risk Management
21-07Mar. 2021Utilities GCA effective 03-11-21
21-04Feb. 2021Joint Dispatch Agreement Trading and Settlements
21-03Feb. 2021Billing Internal Controls
21-02Jan. 2021Utilities ECA and GCA
21-01Jan. 2021Utilities Gas Process Improvements
20-31Nov. 2020CSU Mobile Device Administration
20-30Nov. 20202020 Annual Follow-up
20-29Nov. 2020Utilities ECA and GCA
20-27Oct. 2020Utilities Billing User Access
20-25Oct. 2020Utilities 2021 Rate Case
20-24Oct. 2020CSU 2021 Gas Forecast
20-23Sept. 2020Utilities Reliability Program
20-21June 2020Utilities ECA and GCA effective 08-01-20 
20-20June 2020Advanced Meter Infrastructure Program
20-19June 2020Personally Identifable Information
20-18June 2020City & CSU Qualifying Strmwater Expenses 2019
20-16May 2020Utilities Fourth Quarter Spend Analysis
20-15May 2020Southern Delivery System Partner Billing
20-13May 2020Monitoring Utilities Board Instructions I-2 Financial Conditions & I-8 Asset Protection
20-12May 2020Utilities GCA
20-08May 2020Utilities Disbursements
20-10March 2020Utilities ECA effective 04-01-20
20-06March 2020Monitoring Colorado Springs Utilities Board Instruction 4 Risk Management
20-03February 2020Affordable Housing
20-02February 2020Utilities ECA and GCA
20-01January 2020Ethics Policies and Practices
19-23December 2019Utilities Third Party Vendor Data Risk
19-22October 2019Utilities ECA & GCA effective 11-01-19
19-21October 2019Utilities Phillip H. Tollefson Water Treatment Plant
19-20October 2019Annual Follow-up
19-18October 2019Utilities 2020 Rate Case
19-16September 2019Utilities Water and Wastewater Forecast and Electric Load Study
19-15September 2019City and CSU Qualifying Stormwater Expenses for 2018
19-14July 2019ECA and GCA
19-13July 2019Network and Network Devices
19-11May 2019Monitoring Utilities Board Instructions I-2 Financial Condition & I-8 Asset Protection
19-10April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
19-09April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Southern Delivery System Partner Billing
19-08April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Westside Avenue Action Plan
19-07April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Payroll Audit
19-06March 2019Annual Report Utilities Board Instruction 4 Risk Management
19-02February 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Investments
19-01January 2019Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
18-34December 2018Southern Delivery System Partners
18-31Nov. 2018CSU Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Final
18-30Nov. 2018Fleet Mgmt & Maint Serv Procurement Final
18-28Nov. 2018CSU Monitoring Rev Bill Sys Modifications for City Res Stormwater
18-27Nov. 2018City & CSU Qualifying Stormwater Expenses 2017 Final
18-26Oct. 2018Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
18-25Oct. 20182018 Annual Follow-up
18-24Oct. 20182019  Rate Case Final
18-23Oct. 2018Water & Wastewater Forecast Final 
18-22Oct. 20182C Impacts on Subsurface Infrastructure 
18-21July 2018Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment, Gas Cost Adjustment, and Gas Capacity Charge
18-17May 2018IT Capacity Planning
18-14AprilElectric & Gas Cost Adjustment
18-11AprilProcurement Audit
18-10AprilECA and GCA Account Verification Review
18-9AprilAnnual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
18-8MarchDrake 5 Shutdown
18-7MarchReal Estate Record Retention
18-6MarchAnnual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 Enterprise Risk Management
18-5MarchBanning Lewis Ranch Annexation
18-3JanuaryGCA report
18-2JanuaryResidential Water Bills Review
17-33December 2017Nixon Emission Controls
17-32December 2017Streets Maintenance Operations and Coordination
17-31December 2017Fleet Savings Verification
17-30November 2017 Colorado Springs Utilities Southern Delivery System Monitoring
17-29November 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Cybersecurity Audit
17-28November 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Purchasing Card Audit
17-27November 2017Colorado Springs Utilities 2018 Rate Case Audit
17-26October 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
17-25October 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Verification of Qualifying Stormwater Expenses
17-21July 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Water Forecast
17-20July 2017Information Technology Change Management Audit
17-19July 2017Allowance for Funds During Construction
17-18July 2017Electric Cost Adjustment 
17-17 June 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Financial Forecast Model
17-16May 2017Energy Trading and Risk Management Application
17-15April 2017Electric Cost Adjustment
17-14April 2017Liability Claims and Workers' Compensation Reserve Funds
17-13April 2017Pole Attachments
17-12April 2017Capital Improvement Projects
17-11April 2017Annual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
17-08March 2017Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
17-07February 2017Electric Cost Adjustment
17-03January 2017Electric & Gas Cost Adjustment
17-02January 2017Nixon Emission Controls Audit
16-25October 2016Electric & Gas Cost Adjustment
16-24October 2016SCADA Change Management
16-22October 2016Payroll and Labor
16-21October 20162017 Rate Case Audit
16-20September 20162016 Annual Audit Follow-Up
16-17July 2016Electric and Gas Cost Adjustment
16-15July 2016Cell Phone and Other Wireless Devices
16-14July 2016Cash Disbursements
16-12June 2016Customer Care and Billing General Controls
16-11June 2016ETL 2016 Rate Filing
16-10May 2016Street Maintenance and Operations Coordination
16-07April 2016Annual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
16-04March 2016Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
16-03February 20162015 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report 
16-02January 2016Electric and Gas Cost Adjustment
16-01January 2016State Grants Management
15-39December 2015Drake Scrubber Audit
15-38December 2015Smart Grid Implementation
15-36December 2015Debt Management
15-35December 2015Accrued Revenue
15-34December 2015Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
15-30November 2015Utilization of Outside Legal Counsel
15-29November 20152016 Rate Case Audit
15-28October 2015Annual Audit Recommendations Follow Up
15-27October 2015Multiyear Water Rate Follow Up
15-25October 2015Metering Audit
15-24August 2015Comparison of Projected to Actual Revenue
15-23August 20152015 Fleet Audit
15-22July 2015Geographic Information System (GIS)
15-18May 2015Purchasing System Review
15-16May 2015Capital Projects Audit
15-15May 2015Financial and Human Resource Software Audit
15-11Apr-2015Annual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
15-10Mar-15Electric Cost Adjustment
15-09Mar-15Nixon SO2 Scrubber Procurement
15-06Mar-15Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
15-05Feb-15Interest Rate Hedging Program
15-03Feb-15Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
15-02Jan-15Gas Cost Adjustment
15-01Jan-15Wind Power Tariff
14-33Dec-14Cash Receipts Audit
14-31Nov-14SharePoint Audit
14-30Nov-14Electric Cost of Service Study
14-29Nov-14Drake Scrubber Audit
14-28Nov-14Annual Follow-up Audit
14-25Oct-14Gas Cost Adjustment
14-24Sep-14Nixon SO2 Scrubber Procurement
14-22Sep-14Electric Cost Adjustment
14-20Aug-14Compensation Study Changes
14-18Jul-14Allocation and Load Study
14-17Jul-14Electric Cost Adjustment
14-14Jun-14Unemployment Compliance Audit
14-12May-14Electric Cost Adjustment
14-11May-14Purchasing Card Audit
14-10May-14Annual External Report on Executive Limitation EL-4 Asset Protection and EL-7 Financial Conditions and Activities
14-09Apr-14Drake Scrubber Audit
14-08Mar-14Water Shortage Tariff Report
14-05Mar-14Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
14-04Feb-14Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Funds Audit
14-03Feb-142013 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
14-02Jan-14Gas and Electric Cost Adjustment
14-01Jan-14Credit and Collection Audit
13-25Dec-13Maximo Application Audit
13-24Dec-132013 Annual Follow-up Report
13-23Dec-13E-Commerce Review
13-22Nov-13Gas Cost Adjustment
13-21Nov-132014 Electric and Gas Rate Review
13-20Oct-13Community Solar Garden RFP Compliance Audit
13-17Oct-13Utilities Rate Competitiveness Audit
13-14Sep-13Utilities Billing Audit
13-13Aug-13Proposed Solar Garden Expansion Tariff Report
13-12Aug-13Natural Gas Hedging Program Audit Report
13-11Jun-132012 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
13-09Apr-13Annual External Report on EL-11
13-08Apr-13Proposed Solar Garden Expansion Tariff
13-07Apr-13Annual Report on  EL-4 and EL-7
13-06Apr-13Utilities Payroll Audit
13-04Mar-13Drought Response Tariff Report
13-03Feb-13Utilities Coal Purchase Review
13-02Feb-13Community Solar Garden Audit
13-01Feb-13Utilities Debt Management Audit
12-24Dec-12Data Center Audit Report
12-23Nov-12Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
12-21Nov-122013 Electric and Gas Rate Case Filing
12-19Oct-12Annual Follow-up Executive Summary
12-17Sep-12Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Fund
12-14Aug-122011 SDS Monitoring Report
12-13Jun-12Multi-Year Water Rate Case Report
12-12May-12Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
12-11May-12Gas Transportation (G4T) Tariff Charges
12-09May-12Procurement Audit Report
12-07May-12Disbursements Audit Report
12-06May-12EL 4 and EL 7 Report
12-02Mar-12EL-11 Report
12-01Feb-12Gas Cost Adjustment Review
11-26Dec-11Annual Follow-Up Audit Report 
11-24Dec-11CSU P-Card Audit Report
11-23Dec-11CSU Rate Case Review 
11-22Nov-11SDS Project Monitoring Report
11-18Sep-11Review of Community Solar Garden Pilot Bill Credit Tariff
11-16Sep-11Electric Cost Adjustment Review
11-15Aug-11Executive Limitation 11
11-12May-11Electric Cost Adjustment
11-09Apr-11Annual External Report on Executive Limitation (EL) 4 and 7—Asset Protection and Financial Conditions and Activities
11-07Mar-11Chief Executive Officer Performance
11-06Mar-11Electric Cost Adjustment, Gas Cost Adjustment and Capacity Charge Adjustment Review
11-03Feb-11Executive Limitation 11
10-2312/01/10Cash Receipts Audit
10-2211/18/102011 Rate Case Review
10-2011/18/10Annual Follow Up Report
10-1910/13/10Streetlight Fee Calculation
10-1810/06/10Gas Cost Adjustment
10-1608/05/10Executive Limitation 11
10-1205/21/10Gas Cost Adjustment
10-1004/15/10Multi-Year Rate Case
10-0904/28/10Claims Reserve & Workers' Compensation Funds 
10-0804/15/10Chief Executive Officer Performance
10-0704/15/10Executive Limitations 4 & 7
10-0503/26/102009 Annual Follow Up Report
10-0303/17/10Gas Cost Adjustment
10-0202/08/10Executive Limitation 11