How to Report Fallen Branches or Trees

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City Forestry is working to identify and prioritize downed and damaged city trees and trees in the public right of way. They are focusing first on trees blocking the public right of way or that pose a danger to the public. Please be patient as they work to address all of the requests. It may take several weeks, depending on the number of downed trees reported.

Please Note: downed trees on private property are the responsibility of the owner. Contact home insurance or a private tree removal company. The City will NOT respond unless there is a threat to life safety/power line involved. 

Report a Tree Issue Online

Report a Tree Issue by Phone

  • To report tree issues in the City of Colorado Springs please call 385-5942.
  • To report downed trees in roadways contact Colorado Springs Public Works at 385-ROAD.
  • Trees on power lines: If a tree is compromised or touching a power line- STAY AWAY from it and keep pets/children away, report  immediately to Colorado Springs Utilities at 448-4800 
  • Downed trees on structures: Report to City forestry at 385-5942; both forestry and the Colorado Springs Police Department are working to clear trees on structures.