Firefighter Salary & Benefits

2018 Salary & Benefit Information

Individuals selected for hire and enrollment in the entry-level fire training academy will earn $22.35 per hour based on a 40 hour work week, or $3,874 per month.

Training academy graduates start work as a 4th class firefighter and spend approximately one year in each class. 

Firefighter Monthly Rates:

  •          Firefighter 4th class: $4,310
  •          Firefighter 3rd class: $4,834
  •          Firefighter 2nd class: $5,423
  •          Firefighter 1st class: $6,085

Lateral Entry Firefighter Paramedic Monthly Rates:

  •          Firefighter Paramedic 3rd class: $5,451
  •          Firefighter Paramedic 2nd class: $6,116
  •          Firefighter Paramedic 1st class: $6,862

Additional Information: