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Applying for a HAMMERS Permit

Once the CSFD annual permit application is completed and submitted in HAMMERS, all facility data remains saved in the HAMMERS program. However, each new calendar you must sign in and update our current year submission data after January 1, 2015 or anytime thereafter if changes occur at your facility. Even if you have no changes, the current year roll over submission is to be completed.  


  1. Sign into the application on the HAMMERS website.
  2. Update your user profile
  3. Click on "start application" link
  4. Click on "facility name"
  5. Click on "edit" next to the year you wish to update your report
  6. Once you update all the information on the Facility Home Page, click  "complete step 4" to certify and submit the report.

Once completed, notification of the report is emailed to a Colorado Springs Fire Department HAMMERS administrator. 
Access is unlimited from any electronic device with internet access. 

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