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Today's Fire Danger


No burn ban or burn restriction currently in place.

Colorado Springs Wildfire Ready

Be Wildfire Ready

Know your risk, make a plan, and get the resources you need to prepare for wildfires.



Wildfire mitigation chipping crew putting branches in chipper

Share the Responsibility

CSFD's Wildfire Mitigation team offers a number of resources to help reduce wildfire risk including neighborhood chipping, on-site consultations, neighborhood meetings, and educational resources. 

CSFD Chipping Program

CSFD Highlights

Firefighters on roof of building

Become a Firefighter

Learn about what it takes to join the Colorado Springs Fire Department and information about our hiring process.

Fill out a job interest form

a mother, father, and two children stand confidently in front of an open garage door. The neighborhood and street is visible behind them. "Resolve to be ready"

Podcast: Are you ready?

Wildfire is a major threat in our community, now more than ever with the recent warm and windy conditions. Are you prepared? Join us for this important conversation with our City’s Fire Marshal.

c o s ready prepare for an emergency 1 sign up for alerts 2 know your zone 3 make a plan

COS Ready

Prepare for an emergency with 3 steps:
1. Sign up for Alerts
2. Know your Zone
3. Make a Plan

Structure firefighting gear: yellow firefighting uniform and helmet covers head to toe

Uniforms of the CSFD

Firefighters need to be ready at a moment’s notice to respond to a variety of different calls, and they wear a variety to different uniforms to meet the needs of each call.