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How to Contact the Colorado Springs Airport

Communications Center: (719) 550-1919 

The Airport’s Communications Center, the Airport’s 24/7 dispatch center, will contact the appropriate public information officer to respond to media inquiries.

Press Conferences

When the Colorado Springs Airport has a major announcement that will affect travelers or would like to draw the public’s attention to an issue of importance, a news conference may be called. Advance media advisories will be issued to alert the news media of the upcoming event.

Airport Access

The Colorado Springs Airport is a public building. News media may film or photograph in publicly-accessible areas. Airport officials do ask news organizations to notify the Public Affairs Administrator or Communications Center when a news crew or photographer is sent to the Airport.

When filming at the airport, taking photos or conducting interviews, all news media are required to display press credentials. The news media should not leave equipment unattended or stage personnel/equipment in a manner that will alert TSA to an unattended bag.  

All news media may park a marked vehicle on the Departure level, western-most curb. If the vehicle does not identify your press credentials, you must contact the Communications Center at 719-550-1919 to identify yourself/vehicle to prevent ticketing.

Security restrictions are critical to airport safety and will take top priority. Unauthorized access to a restricted area of the airport will result in denial of future access.


Airfield access is strictly controlled and can only be arranged by contacting the Colorado Springs Airport PIO between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Requests for filming in the aircraft movement areas and near the aprons will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Prior notification is essential to ensure adequate staffing exists to perform escort duties.

Requests for access will be accommodated to the extent manpower and operational considerations permit. In the event of an emergency situation or other event that requires the full attention of the Colorado Springs Airport Operations staff, a prearranged escort may be canceled.

Airport Jurisdiction

When covering events that concern airlines or airport business partners, news media should direct questions to those organizations. Additionally, certain airport operations fall under the jurisdiction of different agencies working within the Airport. News media should contact the appropriate agency public affairs department for interviews or information.        

Aircraft Operations/Air Traffic Control

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for air traffic control at airports. Inquiries about delays in the air traffic system should be directed to the FAA Northwest Mountain Region Public Affairs Office.

FAA Public Affairs Contact: Allen Kenitzer (425)227-2015 (FAA Northwest Mountain Region)

After Hours: (425)227-2000 for general inquiry or (425)227-1999 during emergencies

Airline Issues

Individual airlines are responsible for issues related to that particular airline: labor, on-time performance, flight schedules, baggage issues, etc.

American Airlines: (817) 967-1577 or

Avelo Airlines:

Delta Air Lines: (404) 715-2554 or fill out a form.

United Airlines: (312) 997-8640 or

Southwest Airlines: (214) 792-4847. Opt. 1 or

Sun Country:

Airport Security

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for airport security. The only information that TSA is able to release is that which is readily available to the public.

TSA Headquarters: (571) 227-2829 or

After Hours: (877) 632-7327