Pesticide and Herbicide Application

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Integrated Pest Management

The City of Colorado Springs Parks Department follows an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy that focuses on using a multi-faceted approach to better defend against pests. The objective is to control weeds in the City parks, open spaces, and public right of ways and insects that can be damaging to the urban tree canopy. The best weed control is a healthy, vigorously growing stand of turf grass that can out compete weeds.  We accomplish this by focusing on cultural practices such as mowing, fertilizing, irrigating, soil aeration/dethatching, topdressing, and overseeding.  Herbicides are then used, if needed, as a last line of defense.

The principles of our IPM procedures are as follows:

  1. Prevention- This is the most effective pest management strategy. By reducing the capacity of the ecosystem to support the target weed or pest populations through design and appropriate management, the opportunities for weed and pest establishment can be reduced or eliminated.
  2. Cultural- Cultural control is the use of management activities that prevent weeds and pests from developing due to enhancement of desired conditions.
  3. Mechanical - Mechanical control is accomplished by using physical methods or mechanical equipment to control weeds and pests. Mowing and hand pulling of weeds can be very effective.
  4. Biological - Biological controls include the introduction or enhancements of natural enemy populations to target weeds or pests.
  5. Chemical - When chemical control of weeds or pests is necessary General Use herbicides are applied. No Restricted Use pesticides will be used in park landscapes.

The majority of the herbicide applications that take place in our park system are performed by outside contractors.  All applicators are commercially certified and licensed through the Colorado Department of Agriculture and only apply products that are registered through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Prior to the application being made the applicator will place yellow flags at conspicuous points of entry into the area indicating that an herbicide has been applied. When the herbicide is applied the applicators make spot treatments and only apply to areas containing target weeds. The area is safe to reenter once the product has dried.

For the State of Colorado Noxious Weed list visit:

Download Pesticide Applicator's Act

Pesticide Application Schedule

This schedule is updated on a weekly basis during the growing season. Always look for the Pesticide application flags that are placed out before application and left up for 24 hours after application.

If there are any questions regarding the application, please contact the Jarod Clayton at or call 719-385-6507.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change due to weather and scheduled activities.

Beginning the week of September 28th, weather dependent

Location: Garden of the Gods
General Area Treated: Native area within detention basin
Product(s): E-2, Milestone
Active Ingredient(s): 2,4-D, fluroxypyr, dicamba, aminopyralid

Target Pest: Noxious and broadleaf weeds

August 21st, weather dependent.

Location: Garden of the Gods
General Area Treated: Native area within detention basin
Product(s): E-2, Milestone
Active Ingredient(s): 2,4-D, fluroxypyr, dicamba, aminopyralid

Target Pest: Noxious and broadleaf weeds

August 31st, weather dependent. 

Location: Garden of the Gods
General Area Treated: Native grass areas
Product(s): Prosecutor, Capstone, Confront
Active Ingredient(s): glyphosate, triclopyr, clopyralid, aminopyralid
Target Pests: Noxious weeds

August 12th, weather dependent.

Location: Buckskin Charlie Park, Danville Park, Dublin Park, Erindale Park, Explorer Park, Fremont Park, Frontier Park, Mary Kyer Park, Eugene McCleary Park, Old Farm Park, Penrose Park, Woodland Hills Park, Rudy Park
General Area Treated: Turfgrass areas
Product: Speedzone
Active Ingredients: carfentrazone, 2.4-D, mecoprop, dicamba

Target Pest: Broadleaf weeds

August 7th, weather dependent.

Location: Patty Jewett Junction (Columbia and Corona)
General Area Treated: Landscape beds
Product: Cheetah Pro, Specticle
Active ingredients: glufosinate ammonium, indaziflam

Target Pest: Unwanted grasses and broadleaf weeds

August 3rd, weather and timeline dependent.

Location: Alamo Square (Pioneers Museum), North Monument Valley Park
General Areas Treated: Turfgrass areas
Product: Speedzone      
Active ingredients: carfentrazone, 2,4-D, mecoprop, dicamba

Target Pest: Broadleaf weeds

July 27th, weather dependent

Location: Keller Park
General Area Treated: Native grass area on northwest side of park
Product(s): Capstone, NativeKlean
Active Ingredients: aminopyralid, triclopyr,2,4-D acetic acid

Target Pest: Broadleaf weeds

July 20th, weather dependent.

Location: Palmer and Wilson Park
General Area Treated: Turfgrass areas
Product: T-zone
Active Ingredients: triclopyr, sulfentrazone, 2,4-D, dicamba
Target Pest: Broadleaf weeds


Wednesday, July 15th, Weather Dependent.

Location: Leon Young Shook’s (501 E. Fountain)
General Area Treated: Turfgrass areas
Product: Speedzone, Cheetah Pro
Active Ingredients: carfentrazone, 2,4-D, mecoprop, dicamba, glufosinate ammonium

Target Pest: Broadleaf and grassy weeds