Mountain Metro Bus Service Adjustments

Mask Policy: Masks are no longer required to ride Mountain Metro Transit buses or to be in MMT facilities. Masks, however, are still recommended. 

With the recent addition of new bus operators, we are able to begin restoring service to discontinued routes and improving frequencies to pre-COVID levels! See below for details.

Weekday Service Adjustments:

  • Routes 1, 5, 25, and 27 frequencies are still reduced from 15 to 30-minute schedules.
  • The Outbound Route 1 will depart the terminal 15 and 45-minutes past the hour.  The Inbound Route 1 will depart Academy and Astrozon at 7 and 37-minutes past the hour.
  • The Outbound Route 27 will depart the Citadel at 15 and 45-minutes past the hour and  the Inbound Route 27 will depart Pikes Peak State College at 15 and 45-minutes past the hour. 

Notifications will be provided when conditions change. Please continue to check for the most current updates.

Please contact 385-RIDE Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for questions.

Metro Mobility service will not be impacted by these adjustments.