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Colorado Springs Airport (COS) announced it will offer travelers with non-visible disabilities an opportunity to travel more easily through the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program, a national program currently offered at more than 220 airports worldwide.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program is a simple tool for passengers to voluntarily share that they have a disability that might not be immediately apparent, and would need a little extra help, time and understanding while at the airport. Travelers with a non-visible disability can request a Sunflower lanyard at the Airport’s Information Desk.

“At COS, we are dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all our travelers and visitors, and we take pride in offering the Sunflower program to assist travelers in need while at the airport," said Greg Phillips, Director of Aviation.

The Sunflower lanyard is designed as a discreet way for airport staff to recognize travelers who might need extra time and assistance.

Travelers should be aware that the Sunflower lanyard program does not authorize special privileges to the wearer. The program is only intended to signal to others that additional assistance or patience may be required. Travelers should continue to coordinate with their airline and/or TSA Cares (1-855-787-2227) for pre-travel questions and special accommodation arrangements.

For more information visit the COS Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program page.

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