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Colorado Springs and El Paso County leaders join together in recognizing Friday’s announcement by U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM) that it has reached full operational capability at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs.

Yemi Mobolade, Colorado Springs Mayor 
Congratulations to General Dickinson and the women and men of U.S. Space Command for achieving full operational capability. Today’s announcement is a major achievement for our national and global security. Our world-class talent base is why Colorado Springs remains the premier ecosystem for defense and aerospace related missions. We remain fully committed to supporting the critical defense efforts of this command, including a high quality of life for the more than 1,200 servicemembers and their families who call Colorado Springs home for good.

Stan VanderWerf, El Paso County Commissioner
We are thrilled that Space Command has achieved full operational capability at Peterson Space Force Base, reaffirming its rightful place here in Colorado Springs. Being at the forefront of our nation's security, space command plays a critical role in maintaining our strategic edge. This milestone strengthens our national defense capabilities and leverages Colorado Springs' strategic location to foster seamless collaboration with key military installations. We thank our dedicated partners – local, state, and federal – for their tireless efforts and collaboration in ensuring that Space Command remains an integral part of Colorado Springs.

Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC President and CEO
Space Command reaching full operational capability is a great milestone for our country. Today’s announcement affirms the important role Colorado Springs plays in national and global security. Our strong and resilient aerospace and defense industry and cutting-edge technology create a natural habitat for military installations and defense companies to thrive and protect against foreign adversaries.

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