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First time the public can buy the previously exclusive calendar, proceeds benefit City Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) program 

For the first time ever, the public can purchase a previously exclusive 2024 calendar that highlights the natural beauty of Colorado Springs parks, trails and open spaces from local photographers.  

The 2024 Discover COS calendar, published by the City of Colorado Springs, features the best photos from the winners of the 11th annual Discover COS photo contest. These year’s theme is “Celebrate the Seasons”. 

Calendars are only available for sale at, while supplies last. Once purchased, residents can pick them up from the Parks administration building located at 1401 Recreation Way.  

All proceeds will go directly to the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) program, a City sales tax program dedicated to the protection and preservation of trails, open spaces, and parks. 

“This calendar is a compilation of the best of the best scenery in our city, and these photos showcase our beautiful natural spaces and the wildlife that lives there,” said Mayor Yemi Mobolade. “It’s no secret that our parks, trails and open spaces are the places that make Colorado Springs a great place to live – they are what set our city apart.” 

Media are invited to view the calendar and interview Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services staff on Monday, Oct. 23 at 9 a.m. at the Parks administration building.

In April 1997, Colorado Springs voters passed the TOPS ballot measure dedicated to acquiring, developing and preserving trails, open space and parks through a 0.1% sales tax, or 1 penny on every $10 purchase. TOPS was renewed by voters in 2023 at the same rate through 2025. It currently generates upwards of $11 million annually. Since it was first approved by Colorado Springs voters, TOPS has conserved more than 7,500 acres of open space, built and improved 66 parks, and constructed 50 miles of trails in the city. TOPS has contributed to projects in every quadrant of the city. Open space purchases, like Red Rock Canyon Open Space, are hallmarks of the program. Before Red Rock Canyon was purchased by the City in 2003, it was slated to become a resort community with a convention center, high-rise towers, commercial centers and private golf course.  

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