Required Easements

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Are you developing property, and you have received a staff comment that you are being required to grant the City a public easement (ex: improvement, drainage, trail, etc.) that cannot be granted by a new plat and is NOT a Utility Easement?

Here is Real Estate Services’ process, in coordination with the Project Manager, to grant the easement by separate instrument:

APPLICANT will submit the following to Real Estate Services:

  1. Legal descriptions prepared by a Colorado Professional Surveyor:
    1.             Exhibit A - a written legal description of the new easement area; and
    2.             Exhibit B - a legal depiction of the new easement area.​
  2. Ownership and Encumbrance Report (O & E) purchased from a title company; one for each tax schedule number that the new easement (s) affects (this usually costs around $7.00 per parcel/tax schedule number);

Next, Real Estate Services will:

  • Work with the Project Manager and the City Surveyor for Legal Exhibit approvals and other necessary departmental paperwork;
  • Prepare the Easement Document (and Joinder, if applicable) using the information contained in the Ownership and Encumbrance Report;
  • If one does not already exist, prepare a Statement of Authority for the entity property owner;
  • Email the Easement Document and Statement of Authority to applicant along with a request for the amount of the recording fee.

Then, APPLICANT will submit the following items to Real Estate Services:

  1. The fully executed and notarized easement document,
  2. The fully executed Joinder (if applicable);
  3. The fully executed and notarized Statement of Authority for the entity ownership if the property is held in a LLC, partnership, trust, etc., if applicable.
  4. A Check or money order, payable to The City of Colorado Springs for payment of the recording fees for both the Easement Document and the Statement of Authority.

Recording fees:  $13.00 for the first page, $5.00 for each additional page plus $2.00 fee per document to record electronically with El Paso County.

Finally, Real Estate Services will:

  • Obtain the remaining signatures on the easement document,
  • Record the document (and Statement of Authority, if applicable) with the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder, and
  • Provide a copy of the recorded easement to the Applicant and the Project Manager.

Note:  For new Utility Easements, please contact Colorado Springs Utilities Development Services directly:  719-668-8111.


Contact information for Real Estate Services:


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