Memorial Park

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Park Amenities:

  • Mark "Pa" Sertich Ice Center: public ice skating, lessons.
  • Velodrome: bicycle racing track, roller skate racing track.
  • Sports Center: Parks and Recreation's Sports Division Administrative Office; three baseball/softball fields, 15 football/soccer fields, 12 tennis courts with Tennis Center.
  • YMCA operates the Memorial Park Recreation Center (indoor pool), fitness room, social/play room; swimming lessons.

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Other Facilities:

  • Large-group picnic area (by reservation) 
  • Bicycle criterium
  • Horseshoe courts
  • Multi-play court
  • Three playgrounds (including Phil Long/Denver Broncos Community Playground with ADA accessibility) 
  • Restrooms
  • Public telephones
  • Vending machines
  • Concessions
  • Prospect Lake Fitness Trail: 1.25 miles
  • Criterium Trail: .6 miles
  • Perimeter jogging trail: 2.2 miles



Memorial, 1605 E. Pikes Peak Ave. (E. Pikes Peak and Hancock Aves.). 

Prospect Lake now Open

Prospect Lake in Memorial Park is reopen to recreational use as of Friday, Sept. 4. The reopening follows a nearly 12-week closure due to elevated levels of microcystin toxin, which is produced by cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), the acceptable recreational level for microcystin toxin is 8 micrograms per liter.

6/16/20 6/22/20 22.0 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
6/23/20 6/30/2020 14.0 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
6/30/20 7/2/20 7.9 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
7/7/2020 7/14/20 78  ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
7/14/20 7/22/20 7.1ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
7/21/20 8/3/20



Colorado Springs Utilities
7/28/20 8/3/20 49ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
8/11/20 8/21/20 34 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
8/18/20 8/21/20 1.5 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
8/27/20 9/3/20 0.9 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
9/1/20 9/3/20 3.96 ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
9/9/20 9/15/20 0.47ug/L Colorado Springs Utilities
9/15/20 9/23/20 0.26ug/l Colorado Springs Utilities

Blue-Green Algae Background

What is harmful algae? 

Blue-green algae are a type of bacteria common in lakes throughout Colorado. When conditions are right, blue-green algae multiplies quickly. Those conditions include sustained hot weather, stagnant water, and polluted stormwater runoff.

These conditions result in too much nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the water. This causes the harmful bacteria to grow faster than the ecosystem can handle. The increased bacteria harm water quality, decrease the amount of oxygen available to animals living in the water, and can produce a toxin that is harmful to humans and pets. 

Blue-green algae are self-limiting, naturally-occurring bacteria, which means it eventually phases itself out of bodies of water.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) offers additional information about blue-green algae on its website.