Summit complex project tackles challenges of construction at 14,000 feet

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Pikes Peak Summit House Construction Sept 2019

Pikes Peak is a larger than life presence to everyone who lives in Colorado Springs. America’s Mountain lures more than half a million people to its 14,115-foot summit every year.

The new summit complex will capitalize on the beauty and importance of the Peak to our city. Construction on the new summit complex is currently underway.

The 38,000 square foot complex will live up to the mountain’s reputation. Glass, concrete, and steel are being used to take full advantage of the scenic beauty at the top. The building will use solar energy and materials sourced from environmentally responsible companies. All of the pre-fabricated components being meet and exceed green, sustainable certifications. Seasoned truck drivers haul the pieces up the Pikes Peak Highway. At the summit, trained workers put the LEGO-like components in place.

This is a unique, immersive, and demanding building project. Pikes Peak's elevation presents logistic and health challenges. Lower oxygen levels in the air mean everyone working on the project has to undergo a thorough physical exam in order to take part. The challenges of the project don’t stop there. Working on the summit complex requires additional training and many crew members are experts in their individual fields.

The climate also creates unique challenges during construction. Snow is a possibility year-round and hurricane force winds are common. Thunderstorms and lightning are frequent during the summer. Even during the summer, temperatures can still dip below freezing at night.

In spite of the logistical challenges, we will all be able to see the fruits of all this labor in late 2020! You can be a part of this historic project. Stop by any Ent Credit Union in southern Colorado to donate, or check out the many other ways to give

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