Pikes Peak Shuttle

Pikes Peak Shuttle

About the Shuttle

The City is providing a shuttle system to ease the parking disruption and highway congestion caused by the construction of the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex and an anticipated record-number of visitors. The shuttle will run from May 31-Sept.15, which is when the highway receives the highest volume of visitors.

Who Should Take the Shuttle

Only visitors planning to drive to the summit may be required to take the shuttle. There is no impact on fishermen or others who are using the highway to enjoy the many other recreational opportunities provided by Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain.

Limited Parking Spots at the Summit

Some parking spots at the summit of Pikes Peak will still be available during construction, however, priority for these spots will be given to certain travelers:

  • Vehicles carrying disabled passengers
  • Vehicles carrying small children in car seats
  • Motorcycles – groups of less than 10
  • Pre-approved busses (must receive approval prior to arriving at the Pikes Peak Highway)

Other visitors who do not meet these requirements will likely be required to use the shuttle, especially during peak hours – 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 

Shuttle Pick-up Locations and Times

Visitors who use the shuttle will drive part way up the Pikes Peak Highway to one of two parking lots before taking the shuttle to the summit. Shuttles will arrive at the shuttle parking lots approximately every 5-10 minutes:

  •  16-Mile Lot: The shortest shuttle ride is from the 16-mile lot (aka. Devils Playground) and will take approximately 15 minutes to drive up and 20 minutes to drive down.
  • 7-Mile lot: The 7-mile lot (aka. Pikes Peak International Hill Club start line) will take roughly 30 minutes to go up and 45 minutes to come down by shuttle.
    • Persons with a disability, who would like to use the shuttle, will be directed to the 7-mile lot. Pick-up times will be facilitated at 30-minute intervals, quarter past and quarter till every hour.

To ensure prompt shuttle availability, once the shuttles have departed the parking lot, they will not make any stops until reaching the summit. The same is true for the return trip. There are plenty of pull-off opportunities to take advantage of before you get to the shuttle lot.


Visitors should be prepared to pay the normal, seasonal rates for utilizing the Pikes Peak Highway, however, there is no additional charge for the shuttle or for parking in the shuttle lots.

Contact Information:

If you have questions about the shuttle, please call 719-385-PEAK.

Plan Your Trip

Save time and purchase your Pikes Peak Highway gate pass online. It’s also advisable to avoid the heaviest times on the highway – 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

The Summit Experience

The original Summit House will still be operational during construction this summer, so you’ll be able to stock up on Pikes Peak gear and buy all the donuts your heart desires Don’t forget the donuts!

The Summit will be considered an active construction zone, so please be aware of your surroundings when you reach the top.

Hikers who reach the summit, but are looking to connect with family and friends for a ride down the highway can take the free shuttle down to the parking lot. Please be aware that the shuttle does not go to the base of the mountain. Coordinating with your ride in advance and being aware of hours of operation, gate closures and pending weather forecasts is highly recommended!

Shuttle Regulations

No Bicycles

The shuttles can’t accommodate bicycles, but drivers who wish to drop off cyclists on the summit will likely be able to do so. To ensure drop-off goes smoothly, call 719-385-PEAK to arrange in advance. Be prepared that you will not be able to park your car on the summit.

No Pets Allowed

No pets are allowed on the shuttle except properly identified service animals are allowed on the shuttle. Please plan accordingly and don’t leave your animal(s) in your parked car.

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