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Educational Program

Do you have some college credits?

Did you know that if you do not currently have the 60 college semester hours or an Associate's degree, we can work with you?  Participating colleges/universities can convert the CSPD police academy to college credits as a part of our Alternative Education Program (AEP) 

Participating Schools with CSPD AEP:

Pikes Peak State College

Pikes Peak State College will sweep 45 credit hours toward an associate of applied science degree in criminal justice for students who successfully complete the Colorado Springs police academy. In order to receive this 45 credit sweep, candidates must be a Pikes Peak State College student and have taken a total of 6 credits with Pikes Peak State College. 

Students should review the A.A.S. in C.R.J. degree requirements and take courses that are part of the degree. (These will be the general education classes.)  The academic catalog can be found here.


Michael Merson

Office Phone: 719-502-3300



American Military University

American Military University offers up to 39 credit hours with the successful completion of the CSPD Police Academy, as well as additional credits for any previously completed FEMA courses. 

Interested candidates should apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a general concentration program.  Those wishing to receive credits for attending the CSPD academy will need to enroll in and complete one course with the university.



Phone: 877-755-2787


CSU - Global

CSU GLOBAL will offer up to 30 college credit hours with the successful completion of the CSPD police academy.


Julie Hoefs
Office Phone:   720-279-1150

Candidates that are selected for hire shall provide the required transcript/documentation showing proof of enrollment at the time a final offer of employment is issued. Failure to provide and sign these documents shall result in disqualification from the process. All questions related to the educational option shall be directed to the specific school chosen by the candidate and not to the employees of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Do you need to get some college credits? 

Career Advance Colorado is offering zero-cost training for in-demand jobs which includes law enforcement. Students who enroll in specific training programs can get their tuition, fees, course materials and other costs covered when funding is available. non-profit program “Freshman Year for Free” provides complete free online classes designed to prepare students to pass CLEP tests for a variety of general education classes.  Upon completion of courses, Modern States provide a voucher to pay for a CLEP Test.  These CLEP Tests can be taken at any school that already accepts CLEP Tests.  Click here and select College that Recognize CLEP to see what schools will accept the Tests. 

Do you have military experience? 

Military experience and training does not instantly substitute for the educational requirement but with a Joint Service Transcript, you may be able to convert your experience to college credit.  Contact Pikes Peak State College Military and Veterans Programs Academic Advising (or any local college) for more information.