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Technology and Innovation

The City of Colorado Springs Office of Innovation, in partnership with the City’s Fleet Division and Public Works Department, are launching a 6 month pilot with Rubicon Global, LLC, a technology company specializing in SaaS products for waste, recycling, and smart city solutions. The pilot will consist of installing high-definition cameras and advanced telematics devices in 8 City street sweepers and telematics in 44 of the City’s snowplows. The pilot project will allow the City to test new technologies and utilize data to enhance operations.

Technology that will be deployed

Throughout the pilot, Rubicon will provide the following devices for the eight (8) City street sweepers:

  • A high-definition camera
  • A small on-board computer
  • A pod device
  • A GPS Antenna
  • A GSM Antenna
  • All associated installation cables and wires

Rubicon will also provide the following hardware devices for each of the forty-four (44) snowplows:

  • Advanced telematics devices


The City will utilize data generated throughout the Pilot to identify opportunities for enhanced operational efficiencies, better service delivery, asset management, and potential reduced operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. Data generated throughout the Pilot will be used to assess the future need and viability of incorporating vehicle telematics and camera technology within City fleet, to include City light fleet and tandem trucks.