REMINDER: Residents invited to weigh in on strategies for transportation improvements

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Colorado Springs residents have through Sunday, Aug. 8 to provide input to help improve the city’s transportation plan as part of ConnectCOS, a citywide visionary transportation study. Residents are encouraged to weigh in on strategies for enhancing the city’s transportation system to be more create a safe, efficient, accessible, equitable, sustainable and connected all modes of travel. To learn more about the plan and provide input visit

The City will integrate public comments from this survey and past input to include in the draft citywide transportation plan that is anticipated to be ready for public review later this year.

About the Plan:

Colorado Springs’ last transportation plan (The Intermodal Transportation Plan) was created in 2001. In the two decades since, transportation planning has transformed with emerging technologies, changing demographics in the city, and new travel choices.

ConnectCOS is 18-month study that involves significant technical analysis, and ongoing community engagement, to identify and prioritize short and long-term transportation projects to ensure that people who live, work and play in Colorado Springs have an opportunity to participate in the study.

In 2019, the City underwent a robust public process to capture the community’s values and identify goals for the next twenty years in an effort known as PlanCOS. PlanCOS, the City’s comprehensive planA comprehensive plan is a guiding document that provides a framework for city policies and priorities regarding the physical development of the city. It is a long-range vision of what we want our city to become and is a tool for making decisions about how that vision should be achieved. It outlines strategic steps to make the vision a reality and provides targeted and strategic planning of the physical development of the city., outlined big ideas to shape the future of our city. ConnectCOS will lay out the next 20 years of transportation planning, infrastructure, and improvements in Colorado Springs, bringing to life the goals, ideas and community values established in PlanCOS.


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