Cost Estimates for Street Financial Assurances

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Cost Estimates for Financial Assurances - Street Improvements (Effective January 2021)

The following unit costs will be used by City Engineering to determine the amount of Financial Assurance to be collected for Street Improvements. The subdivider may submit an engineer’s cost estimate or bid tabulation to be used in lieu of these unit costs subject to City Engineering approval. These costs were adjusted by approximately 3% from 2020. All figures were rounded to the nearest dollar for ease of calculating assurances.

Instructions for Financial Assurances


Residential Streets and Minor Residential Collectors - up to 36 foot street width in 60 foot R.O.W. (sidewalk not included)



$209 per LF


Major Resid. Collectors, and Industrial-Commercial Streets - up to 44 foot street width in 66 foot R.O.W. (sidewalk not included)



$245 per LF


Minor, Major Arterials, and Higher


Eng. Est. Required


Curb/Gutter, ramp or vertical  (one side)


$24 per LF

Pedestrian Ramp, 4’ sidewalk

Pedestrian Ramp, 5’ sidewalk

Pedestrian Ramp, 6’ sidewalk


$805 EA

$950 EA

$1140 EA



Median, Type 3 curb (one side)

               Patterned concrete surface


$22 per LF

$12 per SF


Sidewalk 4 foot width

                 5 foot width 

                 6 foot width                              


$20 per LF

$27 per LF

$31 per LF


Turn Lane, curb/gutter, pavement section


$81 per LF

1.     If assurances filed with the City expire, no building permits for the building site shall be issued.  It shall be the responsibility of the subdivider to keep current all assurances filed with the City.  The City shall have the right at any time to increase or decrease the amount of assurance in accordance with the current estimates of public improvements... it being the intent of this provision that the subdivider shall pay the entire cost of all improvements, and the subdivider shall in no way limit his liability therefore by filing assurances based upon estimates.  7.7.1105

2.     2% of the total streets will be added to each plat for signage and striping.

3. Any assurance on file for more than three years will be re-evaluated by the City for its amount and appropriateness.  If it is determined that the facilities are not needed, the assurance will be released.  The City Engineer may at any time make written demand for construction of the facilities.

4. Reference Policy No. 971015 for disbursement of Defaulted Assurances.