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November 9, 2021 Renters Rights Workshop

Renter Rights 101 - November 9,2021

Renter Rights 101, Nov. 9, 2021, presents legal tools and resources available through the Pikes Peak Library District, The Justice Center and Colorado Housing Connects. A Colorado Legal Services housing attorney presents a wide variety of topics such as lease basics, reasonable accommodations and modifications, deposits, repairs, eviction, and updates on recent Colorado legislation on housing matters.

The City of Colorado Springs Community Development Division is charged with preserving affordable housing, preventing homelessness, improving struggling neighborhoods and furthering fair housing. By providing practical resources for renters, we help achieve these goals. Ensuring renters and landlords know their rights and responsibilities helps prevent unjust evictions, and keep people housed.  

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To view video captions in many languages click CC (Subtitles/ closed captions) at bottom right, click the gear image (settings) , then click Subtitles/CC, then click auto-translate, select your language.

Colorado Legal Services Renter Rights Guide

NOTE: New landlord-tenant laws took effect Oct. 1, 2021, that are not yet reflected in this guide. They are reflected in the Nov. 9th workshop video and slides below. An updated version is coming soon. Find out more on the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project's website​.

Call a Lawyer

People with legal questions can get free legal advice over the phone. For more information visit The Justice Center's Call A Lawyer page.

Future Meetings

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Since 2017 the City of Colorado Springs Community Development Division has collaborated with community partners to present this information to educate residents on renting basics to promote housing stability and reduce evictions. In addition to the City's partnering organizations Colorado Legal Services, Pikes Peak Library District, The Justice Center and Colorado Housing Connects, these sessions are made possible by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

The primary purpose of CDBG funds is to serve low- and moderate-income residents who reside within the Colorado Springs city limits. The Community Development Division also uses its CDBG funds to provide Fair Housing educational opportunities to the community, as part of its efforts to affirmatively further fair housing.

  • Colorado Legal Services is a non-profit organization helping low-income individuals and seniors in Colorado. The workshops will offer general information for tenants and cannot provide specific legal advice. Low-income residents or senior citizens facing a housing issue can contact Colorado Legal Services at (719) 471-0380 for legal assistance. 
  • The Pikes Peak Library District provides an extensive list of legal resources for residents searching for forms, databases and legal help. All residents can access this by visiting or by calling (719) 531-6333 ext. 6058.
  • The Justice Center works in the Pikes Peak region to decrease the gap in access to justice and legal services. They provide free legal clinics, connect applicants to free and reduced cost attorneys, and participate in community access-to-justice events. Residents can access their programs by

Event dates

Location Online Meeting (map)

Date/Time Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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