About the Ranch

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The spirited history of the West comes to life at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site. You are invited to explore the lifestyles and homes of the Pikes Peak Region’s early inhabitants. Knowledgeable historical interpreters will assist you on your journey through one of the nation’s premier historic sites.

Several periods of development took place on this property and significant historic structures remain here. These historic buildings have been carefully restored to their original appearance.

  • American Indian life in 1775
  • an 1860s cabin (Galloway Homestead)
  • an 1880s farm (Chambers Home and Ranch)
  • a 1907 Edwardian Country Estate.

There is a working blacksmith shop on site and a barn with horses. Sheep roam around the farm, as do peacocks.

The Ranch was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

You can experience the lifestyle of the Ute and Plains Indians who lived along the Central Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. You can learn about the rigors of making a move West and homesteading this land in the late 1860’s. You may gain an appreciation of the challenges of operating a working farm in the late 19th century. You will be charmed by the grace and sophistication of an early 20th century estate, built by the founder of Colorado Springs, General William J. Palmer.

Museum guides wear clothing specific to the time period and type of residence. They explain activities of daily life of those who lived in the homes. They help visitors see and learn how people from different time periods lived in the Colorado Springs area, what they wore, what they ate, how they cooked their meals, how they cleaned themselves and their clothes, what they did for entertainment, and how they made their living.

The museum hosts 65,000 people on an annual basis. Many visitors discover Rock Ledge Ranch due to its location immediately adjacent to the entrance to Garden of the Gods Park.

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is privately supported by Members of Rock Ledge Ranch Living History Association and managed by Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department of the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado.