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Responsibilities of City Council

City Council acts as the legislative body for the City of Colorado Springs, and sets legislative policies to govern City operations. The following responsibilities of City Council are outlined in the City Charter.

  • Adopt the City Budget, with or without amendment, and appropriate funds
  • Approve the issuance of local improvement district bonds and bonds related to improving public utilities
  • Set legislative policies and approve ordinances and resolutions to govern City operations
  • Hear major land use items including quasi-judicial matters such as rezoning applications and appeals from Planning Commission
  • Hear annexations and land easement acquisitions, conveyances and sales
  • Provide an Annual Report to the Citizens on the legislative and administrative actions of City Council
  • Maintain a Strategic Plan which prioritizes goals and measurable outcomes for City Council
  • Confirm Mayoral appointees and appoint citizen volunteers to Council Boards, Commissions, and Committees
  • Review and approve the City’s personnel policies, salary schedule and the City's purchasing and contracting rules and regulations
  • Oversee the appointment and performance of the City Auditor and City Council Administrator 

Annual Report to the Citizens

The City Council’s Annual Report to the Citizens provides the public an overview of the City Council activities and accomplishments from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. City Council adopts its Annual Report, as required by City Charter, to ensure accountability to the citizens of the City of Colorado Springs.

In addition to the online version of the report, printed copies of the Annual Report to the Citizens are also available at City Hall.

City Council Strategic Plan

The City Council Strategic Plan is focused on specific goals, initiatives, and measurable outcomes that align with the roles and responsibilities of City Council as outlined in City Charter. The City Council Strategic Plan is designed to highlight areas of priority and commitment for the City of Colorado Springs.

The plan is made available online and is also available in print in the City Council Annual Report to the Citizens. 

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Rules and Procedures of City Council

The purpose of the Rules and Procedures of City Council is to address the duties, functions and procedures not outlined elsewhere in the City Charter and City Code of the City of Colorado Springs. The Rules and Procedures of City Council are periodically updated, with the most recent revision dated, October 25,2022.