Pikes Peak Veterans Housing Fund

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The purpose of the Pikes Peak Veteran Housing Fund is to increase housing stability for vulnerable veteran households who are experiencing homelessness and are struggling to obtain safe, stable housing. By offering incentives and compensation to landlords if damage and unpaid rent are incurred, the Fund can create a strong relationship with landlords who otherwise might not lease to veteran individuals and families exiting homelessness.

Why a Fund is Crucial in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is facing a shortage of affordable and attainable housingAttainable housing means decent, attractive, safe, and sanitary accommodation that is affordable for the full spectrum of the city's residents. While a cost of no more than 30% of gross household income is a good rule of thumb for affordability, there will be some circumstances where higher or lower thresholds may be more applicable.. Colorado Springs is also facing a shortage of landlords that are willing to lease units to veterans with histories of homelessness. Without more housing available to these veterans, it is challenging to match veterans with available housing. This results in longer stays in shelter and fewer exits to permanent housing.

How the Fund Will Be Financed

The Fund will be supported by private funding. Local business groups and philanthropic organizations donated the resources to begin and sustain this effort.

How the Pikes Peak Veteran Housing Fund Will Be Administered

The Pikes Peak Veteran Housing Fund is a collaboration between the City of Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Human Services/ Homes for All Veterans, and Home Front Military Network. Rocky Mountain Human Services/ Homes for All Veterans will administer the Fund and Home Front Military Network will act as the fiscal agent, receiving and holding all donations

How the Pikes Peak Veterans Housing Fund Will Be Structured

This Pikes Peak Veteran Housing Fund will be administered by Rocky Mountain Human Services. This Fund is intended for homeless veterans that are “difficult to house”. To put it another way, if not for the Fund these Veterans would most likely remain homeless. A case manager working with a veteran experiencing homelessness would first attempt to find housing using normal means, but if they are not able to find housing, they will speak to the landlord about some of the incentive/mitigation aspects of the fund. If the landlord is agreeable, the case manager would send application to the Program Manager at Rocky Mountain Human Services/Homes for All Veterans for review by a selected committee. If financial assistance is needed, there is a paperwork process to ensure a diligent use of funds. Once approved, a check would be written for the landlord by Home Front Military Network.

What the Pikes Peak Veteran Housing Fund Will Cover

The Fund will cover claims specifically and exclusively on units located in El Paso County, CO and leased to veterans who receive case management services most likely from federal housing programs to include SSVF, HUD, and other programs that offer case management services. The Fund will provide incentives such as diversion funds, security deposits, application fees, gap funding, utility arears, and damage mitigation.

  • The overall goal of the Fund is to help our community reach “functional zero” for veteran homelessness, ensuring a path to housing for every veteran in our community currently experiencing homelessness.
  • There is a cap of $2,500 per client, per year, for total amount of financial assistance.


How to Donate

Donations can be mailed to Home Front Military Network at:

1120 N. Circle Drive, Suite 230

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Donations can also be made at www.pmcn.org (This carries a 2% processing fee.)