Voter Information

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April 6, 2021 Municipal Election

April 6, 2021, General Municipal Election

Elected positions involved in this election are the six City Council District seats. Each active registered voter will receive a ballot with the City Council District seat in which their residential address is located. The City Clerk is the designated election official and will be conducting this election.

City Council Districts

To find a list of the current City Council members and which district your address is located using this link,

Register to Vote and Update Your Record

It is important to keep your voter registration information up-to-date. You can register online at the Colorado Secretary of State Website. If you have questions regarding your voter registration, please visit the  El Paso County Elections website or call (719) 575-8683.

Additional information will be posed here as we move closer to the election. If you would like more information about a municipal election, please email or call the City Clerk Office Election line at (719) 385-5901 option 4.