Records Release Requests

Welcome to the Colorado Springs Records Request Unit where you will find information on the various criminal justice records that are available for release under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act. The basic cost to obtain a record is $7.50. Please note that this amount can increase based on the size of the records requested and the amount of time necessary to process the request. If you need detailed information on costs, please see our Schedule of Fees.

All records are released in accordance with the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA). As such, not all records may be available for release or may have information redacted (blacked out) prior to release. Electronic records are normally released in PDF format.

Note: By law, if you are a victim of certain crimes (not all crimes) you may be eligible to receive a free copy of your report. Please select the certain crimes link for more information about eligibility.

Released records cannot be used to inflict retribution, harass, endanger, intimidate, threaten or otherwise further punish those persons listed in the report under penalty of law. You may not obtain a record for direct solicitation of any business for pecuniary (financial) gain pursuant Colorado Revised Statute 24-72-305.5.

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If you need help,you can download a copy of the instructions for creating an account or creating a request.  If you prefer to submit a request manually via our paper Record Request Form,*  please complete and then print out the form, enclose the applicable fee and deliver or mail it to us. We accept cash or money orders/checks made out to the "The City of Colorado Springs." We cannot accept credit card payments for manually filed requests.

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911/Radio Audio File

These are audio records of the 911 calls or the radio transmissions of police and/or fire department. Please note the Communication Center retains all recordings of incoming 9-1-1 / non-emergency calls and police/fire radio transmissions for a period of three (3) years plus the current year. If your request is older than the retention period, it may not be available.

Background (Local) Record Check

This record is a history of your local arrest record with the CSPD. The released records do NOT include any arrests or contacts with other law enforcement agencies. Often, this is the type of record you will need to request a clearance letter for travel or a work visa. You can obtain a copy of your statewide criminal history by contacting the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Body Worn Camera Video

This record is video footage captured by an officer's body-worn camera. 

Call For Service (Dispatch Log)

This is a record kept by the dispatchers when managing dispatched field units to various calls for service.  This is not a police report.

Forensic Lab Pictures

These are photographs taken by the Metro Forensic Laboratory and police officers who responded to the call. The digital images are from the Colorado Springs Police Department and, in some cases, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office only. These records cannot currently be requested online and must be requested via the Forensic Photo Request form manually.

Mug Shot Photograph

This is a photograph of a subject who was arrested.  Please note the Colorado Springs Police Department requires the full name and date of birth of the person for whom the booking photograph is being requested. This ensures the subject has been correctly identified prior to the release of the photograph. This procedure is in compliance with the Colorado Revised Statutes that requires positive identification of an individual prior to a booking photograph being released.

Police Case Report

Police reports maintained by the Colorado Springs Police Department are documents written by Colorado Springs Police Department personnel that describe incidents that are criminal in nature and not traffic related. Not all information is releasable on all reports. The copy of the report you receive may have areas that have been redacted (blacked out).

Police Traffic Accident Report

These are reports completed by CSPD officers that detail the events of a traffic accident.  Please note, if you filed your traffic accident report online or mailed your form to the State of Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, the CSPD will not have a copy of your report. You will need to contact the Colorado State Patrol.