Easement Vacations

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(Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing)

Submit the following documents to Real Estate Services:

  1. Signed Public Request for Services Form.  Form must be signed by the applicant and at least one property owner;
  2. Utility locates.  Contact Central Locators by dialing 811 locally, or 1-800-922-1987 to request and obtain written proof showing the locations of all utility lines on the property/in the ground.  There is no charge for this service;
  3. Survey showing the easement, or portion of the easement to be vacated (if easement is to be vacated in its entirety, a site plan drawn to scale will suffice).  Note:  if Colorado Springs Utilities has lines in the area, the lines may also need to be shown on the survey; and
  4. Check or money order for payment of the fee ($160.00), payable to City of Colorado Springs.
  5. Statement of Authority, if applicable.  Please provide the name/title of that person who has the authority to convey or affect title to real property on behalf of the entity.  For notarization purposes, please also provide the State and County where the signature will occur.

If approved, a quitclaim deed will be processed by Real Estate Services.

If exhibits are required to accompany the quitclaim deed, they must be prepared by a Colorado Licensed Professional Land Surveyor, be signed and sealed, and consist of the following (samples available upon request):

Exhibit A – a written description of the area to be vacated; and

Exhibit B – a depiction of the area to be vacated.

The property owner may be required to execute an acceptance of any acknowledgements on the quitclaim deed.

All recording fees must be paid by the applicant.  El Paso County Clerk and Recorder charges the City $13.00 for the first page, $5.00 for each subsequent page, and a $2.00 administrative fee.

Here is the process for an Easement Vacation Project:

  1. All required documentation received,
  2. Conduct research and open a file,
  3. Obtain latest vesting deed,
  4. Forward request to various City Departments and begin comment period,
  5. If approval is received, obtain Statement of Authority, if applicable.
  6. If applicable, Applicant/Property Owner to obtain legal exhibits,
  7. Finalize the Quitclaim Deed,
  8. Obtain approval of legal description/exhibits,
  9. 15- day notification sent to City's cable franchisees,
  10. Obtain City Attorney "Approval As To Form",
  11. Obtain property owner notarized signature, if applicable,
  12. Obtain recording fee,
  13. Obtain Mayor's signature,
  14. Obtain City Clerk's attestation,
  15. Electronically record with El Paso County Clerk & Recorder,
  16. Mail original copy of recorded document to Applicant.

      Processing Time:  4-6 Weeks

Click here to see a “Guide to Easement Vacations & Easement Encroachments ”  for more details on the process, frequently asked questions, our timeline, etc.

Questions regarding Easement Vacations should be directed to Barbara Reinardy at (719) 385-5601, or barbara.reinardy@coloradosprings.gov.

Public Request for Services Form